AIS unleashes 5G marvel in epic sea expansion

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Thai telecom giant AIS is set to expand its 5G smart network across the vast expanse of the Gulf and Andaman Seas.

This audacious move aims to establish comprehensive Sea Coverage, reaching the widest, farthest, highest, and deepest corners of the country.

AIS showcased its groundbreaking Sea Coverage initiative along the picturesque coastal areas of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Targeting diverse user groups such as the Tourism Sector, Fisheries Sector, and Local Community Sector, AIS’s intelligence network infrastructure is set to revolutionize services for ferry operators, yacht aficionados, hoteliers, and restaurateurs – both domestic and international.

The telco asserts that this visionary initiative will fuel the growth of the ocean economy, transforming the coastal regions into economic powerhouses. According to AIS, these areas, celebrated for their natural splendor, have played a pivotal role in contributing to the nation’s economy.

However, AIS acknowledges the formidable challenges posed by the unique geographical features of the coastal areas, islands, and open seas. To overcome these obstacles, the engineering team is deploying their skills and experience to design a network architecture that integrates transmission systems and eco-friendly energy solutions tailored to the diverse needs of each sector.

AIS proudly introduces innovations like the Super Cell, proving the capabilities of the AIS 5G network in transmitting signals over a staggering distance of more than 70 kilometres, as demonstrated in real-world testing which started on December 18.

Expansion to support tourism surge

The Tourism Sector is poised to reap the benefits of the AIS 5G Network, providing seamless digital experiences for both Thai and international tourists. Government agencies, national parks, the Port Authority, and water police can also harness communication systems and digital services, including IoT and Tourism Smart Data, reported Telecom Talk.

As for the Local Community Sector, AIS boasts a network covering over 98 percent of service users, elevating local businesses and public utilities to new heights. AIS expresses optimism that the Sea Coverage will be ready to meet the demands of the upcoming peak tourism season, reinforcing the growth and resilience of the coastal economy.

“We sincerely hope that the quality of AIS Sea Coverage will be ready for the crucial upcoming period at the end of this year when both domestic and international tourists will be travelling for vacations. This period marks the peak of the tourism industry, reinforcing the growth and resilience of the coastal economy moving forward.”

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