Durian Lablae trousers: Uttradit’s new sensation at just 199 Thai baht

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Uttradit’s latest hit, the Soft Power Collection, has unveiled its new product, the Durian Lablae trousers. The trousers, which feature the distinctive characteristics of the Lablae area, are gaining attention for their use of high-quality silk, providing lightweight comfort without heat or tightness.

Today (December 26), a report at the Tawan Chai Pha Pha Cotton Shop in Mae Phul, Lablae, Uttradit revealed the launch of their new collection. The shop designs, tailors, and sells local woven fabrics and souvenirs. The new product garnering attention is the “Durian Lablae trousers” whose design incorporates the distinctive features of Lablae, creating a unique selling point. The first batch of these trousers has already been booked, and the shop is extending its range to include more colours and designs for children due to positive reception.

Punyanuch Thongchan, the owner of Tawan Chai Pha Pha Cotton Shop and the creator of the “Durian Lablae trousers” idea, explained, “We wanted to incorporate the identity of Lablae into our product to enhance its value. When people think of Lablae, Uttradit, they think of Durian Lablae. And if they visit Lablae, they must pass through the city gate. Combined with the popular elephant and cat trousers, we came up with the idea to design and tailor the ‘Durian Lablae trousers’ as a symbol of Lablae, to create a memory for tourists, enhance product value, and promote tourism. One pair of trousers is a symbol of Lablae’s identity. When worn, it’s clear they are from Lablae, Uttradit. The design includes the provincial flower of Uttradit, the city gate of Lablae, the pattern of Durian Lablae, and the pattern of Lablae’s woven fabric, with both Thai and English letters saying ‘Lablae, Uttradit’. We chose to use high-quality, smooth, lightweight, comfortable, non-hot, non-tight, vintage brown Italian silk fabric. The first batch is long trousers for adults, both loose and jumpsuit styles, starting from 199 baht.”

Punyanuch further mentioned that customers are attracted to the patterns on the trousers, which showcase the local identity of Lablae through the trouser patterns. The trousers are Soft Power Uttradit, chosen by customers to wear and as New Year gifts. The response has been good, and they are expanding to children’s sets and more colours.

Durian Lablae trousers
Photo courtesy of Khao Sod
Durian Lablae trousers: Uttradit's new sensation at just 199 Thai baht | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

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