Thyroid-stricken Thai police officer gifted renovated home by superior amidst financial struggle

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A 53 year old Thai police officer Boonhiang, from the Samut Songkhram Police Station, who is currently suffering from an enlarged thyroid, was found living in a dilapidated home, leading his superior to help him find a new place to live and support him financially.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sayam Inthrasuwan, Station Chief of Samut Songkhram’s City Police, was informed yesterday about the poor living conditions of Police Lance Corporal Boonhiang.

The Thai police officer, who frequently took time off due to his medical condition, was living in a rundown house with no proper sleeping arrangements. Upon learning about his plight, Sayam, along with Police Lieutenant Colonel Sangad Baubeddee, Deputy Station Chief of Samut Songkhram’s City Police, decided to visit Boonhiang at his residence.

On arrival, they found the Thai police officer living in a room that could be best described as a rat’s nest. He was sleeping on the floor of his decayed house, with no proper bed to rest.

Seeing this, Sayam arranged for a new residence for Boonhiang and contributed over 10,000 baht from his personal funds for home improvements. This included painting, and installing mosquito nets, window-doors, kitchen appliances, and proper bedding to ensure better living conditions.

Sayam stated that this initiative aligns with the policies of Police Lieutenant General Torsak Sukwimol, the National Police Chief, who emphasizes close care and concern for all subordinate officers.

Chronic illness

When he discovered that Boonhiang, who has a chronic illness, had to frequently visit the doctor, he decided to visit his residence, only to find it in a poor state.

This led him to consult with station executives to arrange for a new house for Boonhiang and get it renovated using his personal funds. Local businesses also contributed furniture and other household items, including fans and televisions, aimed at enhancing Thai police officer’s living conditions and boosting his morale to perform his duties more efficiently in the future.

According to Sayam, Boonhiang still owes the Savings Cooperative a debt of 1.9 million baht. This debt resulted from a guarantee he provided for a fellow police officer who later absconded, leaving Boonhiang responsible for the debt. As a result, the Thai police officer’s salary was deducted leaving him with just 3,900 baht monthly, from an original salary of 28,000 baht.

He will have to pay off this debt until he reaches the retirement age of 65. To assist him, Sayam arranged for an additional income source for Boonhiang, ensuring he could live with dignity.

Speaking about his situation, Boonhiang revealed that after he became liable for his friend’s debt and his friend abandoned his duties, he was left to handle the financial burden. This resulted in a monthly salary deduction, leaving him with just 3,900 baht from an initial 28,000 baht.

This caused him considerable stress and he often wondered when he would be able to pay off his debt and how he would live his life. This made him lose the will to maintain his house, resulting in its current rundown state. He also mentioned that he was aware that if he asked for help, his superiors would try to assist him, but he did not want to burden them and therefore kept quiet.

However, when his superior came to visit and saw his living conditions, immediate help was provided. This made Boonhiang feel valued and appreciated, and he was relieved to receive the help. This has also improved his morale and given him the strength to continue fighting for his life, Sanook reported.

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