Three lives claimed in tragic Lopburi road accidents

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A tragic road accident in Lopburi province resulted in three fatalities. A 38 year old man driving a Ford car at high speed attempted an overtaking manoeuvre, crossed lanes, and collided head-on with a Honda car. The impact killed both drivers, the second being a 40 year old man. Later, a motorcycle crashed into a parked truck, killing the rider.

At approximately 7:05pm on December 27, police officer Kittisak Suwannasri of Mueang Lopburi Police Station received a report of a fatal car accident on the Kok Tum-Wang Muang road, Kok Tum subdistrict, Mueang district, Lopburi province. He immediately proceeded to the scene, accompanied by a doctor from Phra Narai Maharat Hospital and volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

Upon arrival, officers found a wrecked red Ford car with Lopburi licence plate number กท 9496. The 38 year old male driver died at the scene. On the other side of the road, a Honda car with Bangkok licence plate number 3 กม-7936 was found overturned. The 40 year old male driver had also died. Witnesses reported seeing the Ford car overtaking at high speed before crossing into the right lane and colliding head-on with the oncoming Honda car. The impact caused the vehicles to spin and land on opposite sides of the road. The bodies were transported to the hospital as investigations continue, reported Khao Sod.

Around the same time, a second accident occurred on Highway 21, between kilometre markers 21-22, in the Deelang subdistrict of Phatthana Nikhom district, Lopburi province. Deputy Investigator Sakdanant Kongpanya of Phatthana Nikhom Police Station went to examine the scene. A man named Chonlapat had suffered severe head injuries after his Honda motorcycle, with Lopburi licence plate number 1 กญ 616, crashed into the rear of a parked trailer truck. The 56 year old truck driver, Montri, was questioned about the incident.

Investigations revealed that the truck had been parked without any warning lights, leading to the deadly collision when Chonlapat failed to notice the stationary vehicle. Authorities are continuing their investigations by the law.

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