The Thaiger launches the ‘I Am Strong’ campaign

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The Thaiger (The Thaiger Pte Ltd) is reaching out to readers and viewers of our news channels to help the thousands of people who are falling through the cracks of government and community help at this time. Many of these people are migrant workers, but many are also Thai people who, through no fault of their own, have suddenly found themselves without employment, or even any chance of immediate employment.

As Thailand fights its own battle with the Coronavirus, and even as it tries to open up again to some limited travel, the number of people needing critical, daily help is increasing. And the prospects are not good as we look to the horizon. Even though Bangkok Community Help Foundation and Five Star Marine (in Phuket) have spent over a year volunteering to help their communities get through this crisis, the demand for their services is increasing and a lot of their early sources of donation are drying up.

ANYTHING you can do to help will be greatly appreciated and we can guarantee that every baht raised will go directly into the purchase of food and vital medical and hygiene supplies for these communities. We will also continue to update you through our media platforms on how these organisations are coping and the people they are helping.

Both Bangkok Community Help Foundation and Five Star Marine are just the front window for much wider support through hundreds of volunteers who we applaud and support with their generosity and time.

Please help The Thaiger help get these people through the dark times as we build increasingly sophisticated community support initiatives for the people in Thailand who need the help the most.


Bangkok Community Help Foundation

5 Star Marine

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Written by Tim Newton, Alf Touhey, Thanh Bui

Song Publisher: EMI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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