Cool season in Thailand delayed due to El Niño phenomenon

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The Meteorological Department of Thailand (TMD) announced that the onset of this year’s cool season is likely to be delayed by approximately two weeks, and will be warmer than usual. The shift has been attributed to unpredictable weather patterns and the influence of the El Niño phenomenon.

Typically, Thailand’s cool season commences around mid-October. However, this year the initial moderate cool spell is slated to hit the northern regions of Thailand tomorrow, marking the start of the climate shift. The spell is expected to persist until the following Monday, the TMD reported.

Residents of the northeast region are set to experience a notable decrease in temperature, though they will have to endure sporadic rain and thunderstorms for a while longer. Despite this, the frequency of precipitation is expected to drop significantly.

The coldest period across Thailand is predicted to start at the beginning of next month, lasting until the end of January. The average temperature in the northern part of the country is forecasted to hover between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius, around 1.5C higher than last year’s cool season average temperature.

For the regions in the north and the northeast, temperatures are anticipated to range from 1C to 9C. In contrast, Bangkok’s temperature is expected to fall between 17C and 18C, whereas the surrounding provinces will experience temperatures between 15C and 16C, reported Bangkok Post.

Throughout the cool season, certain mountainous areas in the northern regions of the country may witness ground frost. The TMD will continue to closely monitor the weather conditions and provide regular updates and forecasts.

Beyond affecting Thailand’s cool season, El Nino presents a significant risk to the country’s rice production. Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai has expressed concerns about the potential three-year-long drought caused by El Nino, which could seriously disrupt rice production and lead to shortages in domestic consumption. Read more HERE.

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