Thailand News Today | HM comments, PM visits Phuket & Samui, Thai floods | November 2

Back for another week of daily news updates, the most widely watched Thai news program, in English. What’s on the program today?

“We love them all the same” – His Majesty comments about the Thai protesters

In a rare moment, and certainly the first time commenting about the current political unrest, His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn has described Thailand as “the land of compromise”.

The comment came in response from a question by Jonathan Miller, a correspondent of British broadcaster Channel 4, who was part of an audience of international media invited to sit among a crowd of royalist supporters in front of the Grand Palace. A CNN correspondent was also a part of the small foreign media contingent.

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Asked what he would say to the anti-government protesters, His Majesty first replied… “no comment”, then added… “We love them all the same. We love them all the same”.

Meanwhile the crowd chanted “Long live the King” as their majesties wandered through a yellow-clad crowd of royal supporters.

PM visits economically-ravaged islands of Phuket, Samui

The PM and his Cabinet are on a 2 day visit of Phuket and Samui, meeting with business leaders and provincial government, to discuss ways to help the decimated local economies.

Since the closure of borders in late March, as the Covid-19 pandemic began its worldwide rampage, former tourist hotspots like the southern islands have borne the brunt of the economic fallout. Both islands rely on more than 90% of their income, either directly or indirectly, from international tourism.

The visit includes an inspection of Covid-19 screening and hygiene measures at both Samui and Phuket airports. Officials at Phuket International Airport say it can currently handle the testing and quarantining of 578 foreign arrivals a day. Even so, the amount of people would be a long way down from the previous 30,000+ per day arrivals Phuket averaged in 2019.

The PM is expected to hold talks with tourism officials and business leaders on both islands, in relation to the safe re-entry of tourists arriving under the Special Tourist Visa scheme.

Fuel tanker driver killed in crash, truck engulfed in flames

A fuel tanker truck driver died yesterday in the northern province of Lamphun after crashing into a car.

The truck carrying fuel overturned and caught fire. The 59 year old driver’s body was found near the wreck after firefighters extinguished the fire. It’s the second fuel tanker fire in the past week. An eye-witness says it appeared that the trucks brakes failed as it came down a hill and then burst into flames as it flipped over after trying to negotiate a curve in the road.

Live grenade found in garbage pile near Chon Buri housing estate

A man has found a live grenade in a garbage pile near a Chon Buri housing estate. The 48 year old said he was looking around the area for papaya when he came across the grenade.

“I was searching for papaya before I found this… I knew it was a grenade. I ran away before calling the police.”

Both police and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, say the grenade was in ‘100% working condition.’ This explosive has a range of up to 20 metres.”

If you’ve ever had a papaya salad in Thailand it has much the same effect.

3 people missing after being swept away by flash flooding in Prachinburi

A Highways Department official and 2 villagers are missing in the eastern province of Prachinburi, after they were swept away by strong currents caused by heavy flooding.

Heavy rain resulted in water runoffs from mountains in Khao Yai and Tap Larn national parks, leading to flash floods. A hotel in the area has had to evacuate over 100 guests, after they became stranded by floods up to 1.5 metres deep.

There have also been other lives lost in recent days as heavy rains hit over a third of the country’s provinces, mainly in north east and Central Thailand.

32 provinces were on alert after heavy rains following a week of poor weather, much of it in the wake of typhoon Molave. Typhoon Goni, which passed through The Philippines yesterday, is also making its way towards the Vietnamese coast and then will weaken as it crosses through Laos and Cambodia, then dumping rain on Central Thailand later this week.

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