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Thailand News Today – Friday, May 15

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Thailand News Today – Friday, May 15 | The Thaiger
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Maison Saigon7 new cases, all imported, no new deaths

7 new cases of Covid-19 this morning at the daily press briefing. The new cases bring the national total to 3,025 since the beginning of the outbreak.

But today’s new infections are all among Thais returning from Pakistan, 6 men and a woman, aged 17-31. All are now in state quarantine.

No new deaths were reported, leaving the toll at 56.

Meanwhile other changes to the current situation could involve cutting the current curfew by an hour so it would start at 11pm instead and the possible extension of the emergency decree through June, but none of these have been confirmed at this stage.

Yesterday’s Covid-19 case was a Phuket tattoo artist going to Chiang Mai

Thailand’s latest Covid-19 case revealed yesterday was a tattoo artist who had travelled from Phuket Province to Chiang Mai Province last Tuesday.

The 39 year old said his aim was to take his wife and son away from Phuket, which has been a high-risk province, but things didn’t go as planned when he ended up being the one who got infected. Over 200 others have also travelled to the northern city from Phuket, all being tested when they arrive.

He said began experiencing flu-like symptoms during the self-quarantine but didn’t think much of it before they left on their northbound journey.

Now officials are checking on the man’s contacts in Phuket before the family departed, all the places they stopped along the way, and any other people they’ve met up with in Chiang Mai since arriving.

Vongfong, aka. Ambo, barrels into Philippines’ east coast

Typhoon Vongfong (aka. ‘Ambo’ in the Philippines) has made landfall, forcing tens of thousands of people to quickly evacuate whilst in the middle of lockdown amid their local Covid-19 outbreak.

The typhoon struck the Phillipines east coast islands around Samar at around noon yesterday. Around 200,000 people living in the coastal areas near Samar have been affected. Vongfong packed winds of at least 185 kph -around the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane.

Social distancing pandas fill empty seats at Bangkok restaurant

Now one Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok has found a more fun way to make sure people are sitting apart but still marking the seat spacing.

Big, stuffed panda bear toys are being placed in the vacant seats instead of red crosses.

The restaurant is Maison Saigon, near Lumphini Park in Bangkok, and the owner thought the red crosses left a negative impression so he found something much more cuddly to take place of the seats that need to remain vacant in this era of social distancing.

Not a single publisher has resorted to using the term food panda in their headline.

National parks may remain closed for another 2 months

One positive aspect of the pandemic is the affect park-closures seem to be having on the environment, specifically some of the animals living in the parks.

Looks like Thailand’s national parks might continue to be closed for at least another 2 months. All of the 133 national parks were initially closed to limit tourism and visits to those areas when the coronavirus outbreak started. Now it appears that they’ll remain closed to revitalise wildlife and plants.

Parks might even close once a year from now on after many park officials have seen a surprising increase in animal activity and park regeneration during the lockdown

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    clyde james

    May 15, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    Such cute little Chinese Bears, so symbolic of Thailand’s new benefactors. Nice to have such a kind and thoughtful and powerful big brother assisting and guiding Thailand’s leadership. We can all rest peacefully knowing the CCP is doing everything possible to help Thailand make the proper choices.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Thailand Covid-19 figures (May 29)




Thailand Covid-19 figures (May 29) | The Thaiger

The spokesman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, Dr Taweesilp has reported 11 new cases of Covid-19 virus in Thailand, same as yesterday. Of the number, all were reported as imported cases coming from Kuwait.

All Thai nationals returning from overseas are placed into a mandatory 14 day state quarantine with no exposure to the general public. For the 4th day in a row, Thailand has announced zero locally transmitted cases.

Dr Taweesilp, says…

“The returnees were of working age and were either asymptomatic or only had mild symptoms.”

“Many people may feel comfortable because there are no new locally infected cases. This goes along with the general feeling as we are further easing the lockdown.”

The total number of local Covid-19 cases is now 3,076. Of these, 2,945 (96%) had made a full recovery while 74 remains in hospitals.

The accumulated death toll in Thailand from Covid-19 is 57.

“Thailand ranked 77th in the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide; the US, Brazil and Russia were in the top rank.”

Chonburi province has gone 35 days without a single new confirmed case of the virus. Pattaya City is at 45 days without a single new confirmed case.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Pattaya News

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

No new Covid-19 cases in 65 provinces for a month

Jack Burton



No new Covid-19 cases in 65 provinces for a month | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Thailand Medical News

The Covid-19 situation in Thailand is improving: the Ministry of Public Health announced yesterday that 65 of Thailand’s 76 provinces have reported no new cases for a full month. But it says the situation is “still not stable enough”, and the government continues to screen people returning from abroad and is proactively testing suspected cases.

The deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control says that the number of cases in Thailand is relatively low and is divided into 2 main groups: Thai nationals returning from abroad and people who had close contact with previous cases. Returnees are placed in mandatory 14 day quarantine to see if they develop symptoms.

But academics have pointed out that there may still be some people infected with the virus without showing symptoms in areas around the country. They have not been tested and could potentially infect others. Therefore, they say, the Ministry of Public Health needs to stay proactive in maintaining a wide ranging testing program. (Thailand has not had a “wide ranging testing program”. Thailand has tested 5,380 people per 1 million population. In comparison, Singapore has tested 57,250 people per 1 million population.)

The Thai ministry’s caution shows an extreme risk-aversion when compared to many other countries that are now opening up despite much higher rates of transmission, but with certain precautions and restrictions in place.

An analysis of the numbers of infections in different parts of Thailand shows 10 provinces have had no cases at all. However, 42 provinces have a fatality rate of 0.1 to 1%, 18 provinces have a rate of 1.1 to 5%, 2 provinces have 5.1 to 10% and 5 provinces have a death rate higher than 10%.

In the past month, 65 provinces reported no new cases. Although the figures are low, it’s is possible that some people are asymptomatic, particularly in greater Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Chonburi and the 4 southern border provinces.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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Immigration police catch 54 illegal immigrants at Thai-Cambodia border

Maya Taylor



Immigration police catch 54 illegal immigrants at Thai-Cambodia border | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Nation Thailand

Thai immigration police have arrested a Cambodian man along with 53 other Cambodian nationals he had smuggled across the border into Thailand. The arrests took place in the province of Sa Kaeo, about 200 kilometres east of Bangkok.

Immigration police catch 54 illegal immigrants at Thai-Cambodia border | News by The Thaiger

The man, named as 46 year old La Peun, confessed to police that the migrants had paid him 3,000 baht each to be taken to Thailand. According to a report in Nation Thailand, the group, consisting of 32 men and 21 women, all without passports, were hoping to secure work in Thailand.

They have been charged with entering the country illegally and detained for legal processing and are likely to be deported in coming days.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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