Thai PM’s frozen durian order: A fruitful venture worth millions

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Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin yesterday publicised the country’s recent acquisition of a 300-million-baht (US$8.1 million) frozen durian order on social media. The announcement came in the aftermath of his trip to Chanthaburi, which further emphasised the global appetite for Thai durians.

“Post my visit, an order was placed. Business tycoons have expressed interest in placing an annual order worth 300 million baht. The Commerce Ministry has been informed to manage the export quota. I am elated for our farmers.”

Over the weekend, the 62 year old Thai prime minister unveiled government plans to amplify durian exports, aiming to achieve 130 billion baht within this year. Instructions were also issued to various ministry officials to aid local cultivators in maintaining quality and competitiveness.

Concurrently, the Internal Trade Department’s regional offices have increased the scrutiny of weighing scales as the 2024 harvest started to enter the market in April-May. Cultivators are urged to adhere to regulations, such as displaying prices appropriately and using standardized weighing scales, or face legal repercussions.

In a separate development, Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai met with the governor of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture yesterday to deliberate the expansion of trade between Thailand and China, with a specific focus on exporting live cattle to China.

Accompanied by a team of executives from his ministry, Wechayachai visited China’s Yunnan province and Laos over the weekend. Thai authorities solicited China’s support for a quarantine zone for the trade during the visit. Enhanced cooperation in goods transportation was also discussed, particularly the route from Chiang Saen Port to Guanlei Port, which could facilitate future exports of frozen cattle products.

Thai requests for extended working hours at the Boten checkpoint in Laos and the Mohan checkpoint in China until 9pm were accepted by the authorities. This move will support the export of Thai fruit to China during the 2024 harvest. The fruit from the current harvest season is expected to be shipped by the end of this month.

As per the Foreign Trade Department, the trade value between Thailand and China last year was US$126.2 billion, with US$7.6 billion specifically between Thailand and Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, reported Bangkok Post.

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