Thai woman’s kind gesture betrayed as masseuse swipes 18,000 baht (video)

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A Thai woman’s act of kindness was betrayed when she hired an unemployed neighbour as a masseuse in the northern province of Lampang. The masseuse repaid her kindness by stealing around 18,000 baht from the Thai woman.

The victim, Tan, filed a complaint at Khelang Nakorn Police Station on January 16 after she caught the 52 year old masseuse named Onn stealing her money. Tan explained that about 18,000 baht disappeared. She initially thought her 12 year old son had stolen it.

Tan suspected her son and asked him to confess but he insisted on his innocence. After contemplating recent visitors to her house, she grew suspicious of Onn, who had been there on the day her money went missing.

Onn, Tan’s unemployed neighbour, provided massage services to the community. To assist Onn in earning more income, Tan hired her for both massage and housework.

To confirm her suspicions, Tan hired Onn for another massage session at home and discreetly set up a camera to capture Onn’s actions. Tan also placed a shoulder bag filled with cash in the same location as before. After the massage, Tan discovered that her money had vanished once again.

Upon reviewing the footage from the hidden camera, Tan identified Onn as the thief. The video revealed Onn simultaneously giving Tan a massage with one hand while using the other hand to pilfer money from the bag. Tan confronted Onn immediately, but Onn denied the accusation

Tan decided to search on Onn and found her money of 3,600 baht hidden in Onn’s bras. Tan’s husband recorded the video of the situation.

“How dare you do this to me? Where did this money come from? Call the police! Right now! This is not the first time, Onn. Do you think I don’t know? Do you think I am stupid?”

With clear evidence from Tan, officers arrested Onn and took her to the police station for further legal proceedings. The charges against Onn were not made public.

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