Thai woman struck dead by lightning in cow field

A farmer was killed by a lightning strike in a cow field in Buriram province, northeast Thailand, yesterday evening. The 53 year old woman was herding her cows into their cowshed to escape the storm when she was struck.

Wanida (surname reserved) was out working in the fields with her 53 year old relative Thongbai (surname reserved) when it started raining heavily yesterday evening. Thongbai said the pair were in the kratom field when the sky began to darken, so Wanida suggested walking to the cow field to herd the cows into their shed to escape the rain.

Once the pair arrived in the cow field, Thongbai said the storm worsened and she could barely see in front of her. She heard loud thunder and saw a flash of lightning. Next thing she knew, 9 cows were huddled around the body of their owner, Wanida, who had been struck dead by lightning.

Wanida’s 50 year old husband Sakarn (surname reserved) said he had previously warned his wife not to tend the cows if it was heavily raining because it is dangerous, but she didn’t listen. He said he thinks Wanida’s silver earrings acted as a medium for the lightning to travel through. Around 10% of people struck by lightning are killed.

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Wanida’s body has been returned to her family for religious ceremonies to be undertaken.


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