Thai woman raped by mother-in-law’s ex-boyfriend and friends

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A Thai woman demanded the police to speed up their work after her mother-in-law’s ex-boyfriend and his three friends raped her on May 9 in the Isaan province of Udon Thani. The rapists remain at large.

The 27 year old victim recounted the violent sexual assault to Channel 7, revealing that she argued with her husband on the morning of the rape and packed her belongings up to return home to her family. The first rapist, her 63 year old mother-in-law’s ex-boyfriend, approached her as she waited at a bus stop for a public bus.

The suspect offered her a ride to Udon Thani Railway Station but she refused. The man then slapped the victim’s face and punched her in the stomach before putting her in his sidecar motorcycle.

The man called his three friends to meet him at a roadside forest, 10 kilometres from the bus stop, where the four rapists sexually assaulted the victim for several hours before threatening her with a knife not to reveal the sexual assault to anyone and leaving the scene.

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The victim was left in the forest until a witness came across her and took her to a nearby hospital. She then filed a complaint against the four suspects at Meuang Udon Thani Police Station but the case has stood still.

The mother-in-law told the media that she was in a relationship with the first rapist for about a year until she found out that he was already married.

The mother-in-law said the rapist was a womaniser and flirted with many women in the community. In addition, the man was a sadist and always used violence during sex.

The daughter-in-law has a developmental delay or a learning disability, leading the mother-in-law to fear that the attackers might evade justice for the crime.

The victim and her family said they were worried about her safety because the rapists knew many influential people. They hoped that the police would bring the suspects to justice as soon as possible.

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