Thai woman mistaken for foreigner and charged 100,000 baht more by hospital

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A Thai woman asked a hospital located in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok, to explain a 250,000 baht bill related to her four-day medical treatment. The hospital later returned 100,000 baht, acknowledging it had mistaken her for a foreigner.

The woman in question was 66 year old Jamlong Ninlakorn, the owner of a Thai restaurant in Sweden. She recently returned to Thailand to visit her son in Nonthaburi province. While in Thailand, she contracted influenza B, leading to her hospitalisation in the Pak Kret district from November 29 to December 2.

On her last day, she was charged 249,704 baht for treatment and four days in hospital. Jamlong settled the bill using her credit card but subsequently engaged in a discussion with her family due to concerns about the perceived high cost. According to the receipt shared by Jamlong with the public, each item on the list was articulated in technical terms that proved challenging for her and others lacking profound medical knowledge to comprehend.

All her family and friends advised her to contact the Consumer Protection Bureau, and the authorities agreed that the cost was too high. However, the authorities suggested she speak to the hospital first. If she could not reach an agreement with the hospital, the authorities would take legal steps to investigate the matter.

Jamlong told Channel 3 her shock at the price of her treatment.

“I opened a restaurant in the US before I moved to Sweden to open another one. I have been treated and stayed in hospitals in both countries but the bills were never this high. I want the hospital to know why it is so expensive. I am willing to accept the price if the explanation is reasonable.”

Foreigners pay more

The name of the hospital has not been revealed in the report and no hospitals in the area have come forward to clarify the matter. Jamlong did not mention the type of room she stayed in, or whether it was a private or government hospital.

After Jamlong’s story went viral on Thai social media, the hospital got back to her and agreed to refund Jamlong’s money. The hospital told Channel 7 that the officials had mistaken Jamlong for a foreign patient.

The hospital said Jamlong was admitted with symptoms of pneumonia, high fever, shortness of breath and low oxygen. She spent one night under close medical supervision in the intensive care unit before being transferred to a shared ward, where she stayed for two nights.

The hospital added that Jamlong did not present her Thai identification card, only her passport. The hospital therefore concluded that she was a foreigner and charged her 30% more. The hospital wanted to refund Jamlong 75,000 baht, which was the 30% surcharge.

Jamlong stated that she wanted 100,000 baht back, saying that it was the hospital’s fault for not checking the patient’s information. She also admitted that it was her fault for not clarifying her citizenship status.

Jamlong revealed that the hospital agreed to return her 100,000 baht. She did not want to face these complications and would avoid being sick and being admitted to Thai hospitals again.

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