Thai woman loses 43 million baht business to ex-girlfriend

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A Thai woman accused her ex-girlfriend of conspiring with her husband to deceive her and seize control of her business and assets worth more than 43 million baht.

The businesswoman, Phattaranit “Tak” Suppadatepakun, urged Channel 7 to publish her story to the public and help her pursue justice after she went bankrupt due to her ex-girlfriend‘s actions.

Tak revealed that she encountered her former girlfriend at a temple in 2021, and their interactions grew until they formed a relationship. The woman then invited Tak to reside with her at a welfare house located at Thong Lo Police Station in Bangkok, stating that her adoptive father served as an officer there.

After a month of being together, Tak said that her ex-girlfriend’s behaviour changed, and she began physically abusing her. She assaulted Tak and later apologised, asking Tak to continue their relationship. Tak explained that she stayed because she loved the woman and wanted to build a family with her.

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According to Tak, her ex-girlfriend started interfering with her business in 2022. She assumed control of the company and prohibited Tak from contacting her employees. Eventually, she coerced Tak into transferring ownership of the company to her.

Tak alleged that her ex-girlfriend transferred most of the company’s revenue to her supposed adoptive father, resulting in Tak losing about 10 million baht that year. Moreover, Tak was forced to transfer all her savings to her girlfriend’s alleged adoptive father under threat of physical assault.


Tak began to suspect the relationship between her ex-girlfriend and the adoptive father. The ex often refused to stay with her at the welfare house and expressed her desire to live with the police officer.

Tak became suspicious of the relationship between her ex-girlfriend and the adoptive father when the ex began expressing a desire to stay with him more often.

Tak later discovered that the adoptive father was her ex-girlfriend’s husband, and they had collaborated to deceive her and take over her business, losing more than 43 million baht in total.

Tak stated that their operation was complicated, and several authorities, both police and soldiers, were involved in the scam, making her fear she might not receive justice and deciding to seek help from Channel 7.

After sharing her story with the media, Tak received a mysterious phone call urging her to settle the matter without involving the media or police. However, she did not trust the person and intended to file a complaint with the Government Complaint Centre.

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