Thai woman gives birth in pickup truck, after Chon Buri hospital turned her away

A Thai woman gave birth inside a pickup truck near the Ban Ang Wien intersection in eastern Thailand’s Chon Buri province yesterday. The woman’s husband had driven her to the hospital in the morning, but the doctor told her to go home as her cervix had not yet dilated enough. In the afternoon, the woman experienced more pain and decided to return to the hospital. However, she didn’t quite make it in time and gave birth to a healthy baby girl inside the moving vehicle.

CCTV footage captured a silver Isuzu pickup truck pulling up outside a building in Ban Bueng District in Chon Buri province yesterday. The driver got out of the car and called over a police officer for help. Inside the truck, 30 year old Bancha had already given birth to a baby girl.

Staff from Ban Bueng Hospital sent an ambulance to the scene, cut the baby’s umbilical cord, cleaned her and wrapped her up in a cloth. The baby girl, Bancha’s second pregnancy, was healthy, crying, had black hair and weighed around 5.5 pounds.

The pickup truck’s registration included the numbers 244, for any superstitious readers who think the story warrants buying a lottery ticket. Perhaps the baby will be named Isuzu after her place of birth.


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