Thai woman arrested for procuring sexual assault of niece

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Officers from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division of the Police arrested a Thai woman in Bangkok yesterday for orchestrating the sexual assault of her 11 year old niece on behalf of her boyfriend, whom she met on a dating app.

The report of the sexual assault in the southern province of Chumphon attracted public attention last month after her father brutally attacked the alleged rapist. The father expressed frustration over the slow pace of police legal proceedings, noting that the authorities released the suspect despite clear evidence of the crime.

On the day of the incident, the victim’s aunt, identified as 48 year old Jirawan, arranged a meeting with her boyfriend, 42 year old Raewat, whom she met on a dating app. Jirawan did not attend the meeting alone, she brought the victim with her.

The girl thought her aunt was taking her to the beach and agreed to accompany her to the meeting place. However, the aunt left her alone in a pickup with Raewat, who sexually assaulted her.

The girl and her father filed a complaint against Raewat at Paknamlangsuan Police Station and handed over the evidence to the police including a voice recording of Raewat admitting to the sexual assault and pictures of the girl lying naked in the car.

The nude pictures were found on a mobile phone belonging to her aunt, leading police to suspect her involvement in the sexual assault.

Further investigation into the case revealed that Jirawan and Raewat planned the sexual assault together. Raewat asked Jirawan to take her niece to him, and Jirawan agreed. This led to Jirawan’s arrest outside a Bangkok hospital yesterday.

Jirawan admitted to the crime and faced two charges including:

  • Section 282 of the Criminal Law: procuring, luring, or taking away a person aged under 15 years old for sexual assault or any indecent acts. The penalty is imprisonment from five to 20 years and a fine from 60,000 to 300,000 baht.
  • Section 317 of the Criminal Law: taking children aged under 15 years old from their parents. The penalty will be imprisonment from three to 15 years and a fine from 6,000 to 30,000 baht.
  • Section 26(5) of the Child Protection Act: forcing, threatening, inducing, encouraging, or allowing children to behave inappropriately or perform obscene acts. The penalty will be imprisonment of up to three months, a fine of up to 30,000 baht, or both.

SiamRath reported that Raewat surrendered to the police and confessed to the crime before the arrest of Jirawan.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai father attacks suspect who sexually assaulted his daughter

A Thai father in the southern province of Chumphon tied up and brutally attacked an alleged pedophile who reportedly sexually assaulted his 11 year old daughter. Police said they could not arrest the pervert until they got results from the victim’s medical examination.

The physical assault against the 42 year old Thai man was reported to the Phutta Phratheep Lang Suan Rescue Team at about 4am on January 21. Rescuers rushed to the scene on Beach Road in the Lang Suan district and found the man with his arms and legs tied. He had two serious wounds to his head and left shin and suffered scratches all over his body.

The man reported to the rescuers that three men attacked him while he was fishing. The men also damaged his pickup and stole his mobile phone before leaving. He insisted that he did not know them personally and had never had a conflict with them.

MGR Online later reported that the attack was the result of a sexual assault on an 11 year old girl, the daughter of one of the attackers.

The girl’s father later came forward to give an interview about the matter. He explained that his daughter’s teacher noticed that she looked stressed. The teacher asked what was the problem. The teacher then discovered the sexual assault and informed her father of the matter. The father then filed a complaint against the man at Paknamlangsuan Police Station.

The daughter told her father where the incident took place. The father visited the place and met the suspect. The father asked the man about the sexual assault but he denied the allegation. He tried to take the suspect to the police station but the alleged pedophile refused and a physical assault took place.

Police officers refused to arrest the alleged pedophile adding they needed to gather enough evidence and issue a warrant before apprehending him.

Aunt implicated

The victim’s cousin, 18 year old Toey, told the media that the girl’s aunt was at the scene when the sexual assault took place. Toey explained that the aunt talked to the suspect via a dating application and arranged to meet him on January 16.

The aunt invited the 11 year old girl to meet the man and later left her alone with the reported perverted man in his pickup. The man then tied the young girl’s legs and arms and sexually assaulted her. The victim managed to fight back and fled, pleading with her aunt to take her back home.

Toey said she checked the aunt’s mobile phone and found photos of the girl taken in the pickup while she was naked.

Toey added that she and the victim’s father asked the girl to call the suspect on the aunt’s mobile phone. The girl pretended she wanted to meet the man and have sex with him and he agreed.

The suspect even offered the victim a mobile phone in exchange for the sex. The conversation was recorded and handed over to police officers as evidence.

The Superintendent of the Paknamlangsuan Police Station, Suriyon Chommee, reported to the media that police were unable to arrest the suspect at this time because they were still collecting evidence and waiting for the victim’s medical examination.

Suriyon stated that the suspect is being treated in hospital following the brutal attack. The victim’s father and two other men involved in the assault would be charged for their actions. The victim’s aunt would also be called in for questioning.

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