Thai tourist spooked by ghostly encounter in Hong Kong hotel

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A spine-chilling encounter at a Hong Kong hotel left a Thai tourist spooked and urgently seeking help on social media. The recounted tale unveils a ghostly apparition, sending shivers down the spine, especially when coupled with the discovery of a recent fire tragedy within the building, leaving several lives lost and the fire safety system unreplaced.

A recent post on the HONG KONG MODE (กลุ่มคนชอบเที่ยวฮ่องกง) Facebook group has sent chills down the spines of many, as a Thai tourist shared a bone-chilling experience during their stay at a hotel in the Jordan district.

The eerie ordeal, which unfolded just yesterday, started with the tourist noticing an unsettling atmosphere around the hotel’s lifts, which were ominously out of order from the ground floor to the seventh, prompting a detour to access their allocated room on the fifth floor.

Upon checking in, the tourist, who had booked the hotel after careful consideration and following the news closely was informed by the hotel staff of the lift situation and directed to use an alternative route. The building, which looked satisfactory from the outside and had clean and spacious rooms, presented its first sign of peculiarity when the tourist was instructed to read a bilingual sign indicating the room’s location and the lift issue.

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Despite the initial unease, the tourist, drenched from the rain and eager to rest, followed the staff’s instructions to access their room across the street in another building, which appeared to be in disrepair. With only one functioning lift out of four, the tourist experienced a considerable wait to reach the room following the staff’s instructions.

Later that evening, after returning from dinner and navigating the dimly lit eighth floor to descend to the fifth floor, the tourist encountered a shocking sight on the sixth floor—a woman with a dark complexion sticking her tongue out in a haunting manner. Panicked, the tourist rushed to their room and immediately called a friend from Hong Kong for help.

Tourist shock

The response from the friend was alarming.

“The building u are staying in now had a fire last week. Five people were killed their fire system has not been replaced.”

This revelation left the tourist in shock, afraid to leave the room alone and feeling deceived as the current accommodation did not match the place of booking.

In a follow-up comment, the tourist expressed genuine fear and confusion, revealing that their Hong Kong friend had informed them about the fire, but they had been unaware of the details. The experience was described as deeply unsettling, prompting the tourist to reach out to the online community for assistance, reported KhaoSod.

The post has since resonated with other travellers, sparking discussions on hotel safety and the need for transparency in accommodation bookings.

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