Thai teachers pierce lips of 36 kids over gum mischief

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A committee is probing a case where a Thai teacher subjected 36 seven to eight year olds to an outrageous punishment of using a safety pin to pierce the inner lips of every child in the primary 3 class at Wat Dan Samrong School in Mueang district, Samut Prakan.

The shocking act unfolded when a 27 year old Thai teacher, distressed by a chewing gum mishap, sought assistance from her 50 year old colleague.

On the morning of January 25, chaos ensued when no student confessed to spitting out the gum that the younger teacher accidentally stepped on.

The repercussions were swift as one parent filed a complaint with the local police yesterday. Concerns echoed among other parents, fearing potential infections from the unsanitary act. Reacting promptly, the school director suspended both teachers from their duties after their admission of guilt.

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A committee has been established to unravel the shocking incident, and its findings will be submitted to the Samut Prakan Primary Educational Service Area Office for the imposition of an official punishment.

In a feeble attempt to rationalise her actions, the 50 year old Thai teacher issued an apology, claiming her intentions were to instil responsibility in the students and reassuring that the safety pin was brand new, reported Bangkok Post.

As the investigation unfolds, police will press charges against the two teachers following thorough questioning of all students involved.

In related news, David Brown, a 49 year old teacher from Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, stands accused of luring children into his office during dinner breaks for purported extra English lessons. The horrifying revelations claim that Brown engaged in sex acts with at least four different girls over an undisclosed period at the £6,600-a-year (approximately 300,000 baht) institution on the outskirts of the Thai capital.

In other news, a rural school overseen by the Primary Education Office of Nakhon Phanom in Nong Yat subdistrict has only 19 students with one single teacher looking after the class.

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