Thai-Singaporean singer hits sour note after assault in Nonthaburi

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A Thai-Singaporean singer yesterday filed a complaint against a Thai man who physically assaulted him over an alleged affair with his girlfriend at a condominium in Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok.

The singer, 23 year old Kittisak “Hun” Boonsan, reported the attacker, identified only as Q, to Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station yesterday, July 8. Hun explained that Q accused him of having an affair with his girlfriend, 29 year old Cream. He admitted to dating Cream but said she had told him she was single.

Hun recounted the attack to police officers, saying Cream messaged around 1am, asking him to pick her up at a restaurant because she was too drunk to return home alone. Hun took her to her condo and stayed there until 4am.

When Hun left Cream’s room, he was unable to exit the condo because a keycard was required. He called Cream to bring the keycard but Q answered the phone. Q agreed to give Hun the keycard and went with Cream.

Instead of giving Hun the keycard, Q attacked him. Hun said he was unable to fight back due to being drunk. Fortunately, his chin and nose, which had recently undergone cosmetic surgery, were not affected by the attack. However, his face was bruised, and he was unable to work.

Hun revealed that his record label cancelled his contract due to the physical altercation, which could damage the label’s image.

Hun insisted that he was unaware Cream had Q as a boyfriend. She told him she was single, and the owner of the restaurant where Cream worked also confirmed this. He would never have engaged in a relationship with her if he had known about Q.

Hun said Q should have spoken to him directly and calmly about the issue, rather than resorting to violence. He demanded that Q take responsibility for his actions.

Hun’s mother, 45 year old A, travelled from Singapore to the police station and insisted on pursuing legal action to the fullest extent.

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