Hair-raising drama unfolds on social media as customer curls up in shock over salon’s 7,000 baht bill, sparking online uproar

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A customer’s shocked post on social media about a hair salon’s inflated price has drawn the attention and criticism of netizens. Today (November 14), the disgruntled customer took to social media to express her surprise at a hair treatment bill of 7,000 baht (US$195), which was significantly higher than the salon’s advertised prices.

The customer posted a picture and wrote that she didn’t understand why the price at the time of payment was drastically different from the advertised price. All she had done was straighten and colour her hair, without any additional treatments as reported by KhaoSod. The final bill of 7,000 baht left her in shock as she had never encountered such a high price for a hair salon service. She questioned what made the services so expensive, especially since no bleaching was involved.

After the post was made public, a large number of Facebook users began to express their opinions and criticisms about the incident. The discrepancy between the salon’s advertised prices and the actual price charged sparked an intense debate among netizens. The incident serves as a reminder for consumers to always confirm the prices of services before using them.

In related news, Khon Kaen shop owners were targeted by a deceitful scammer posing as a customer, falsely transferring funds, and disappearing with cash. The fraudulent scheme, involving a short-haired woman on a Honda Wave motorbike, has affected multiple businesses.

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The perpetrator pretends to make a bank transfer for purchases, claims an overpayment, and requests a change in cash, leaving victims with no confirmed transaction.

The shop owners, including a 29 year old named Oruma, share their experiences and warn others to exercise caution. Authorities are urged to investigate as the community seeks awareness to prevent further scams and protect businesses from financial losses. To read the full story, click HERE.

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