Thai resident hissed off after home turned into a snake pit

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In a bizarre incident, a Thai resident discovered that his home was turned into a snake pit by a horde of green snakes after his Naga statue fell to the ground in Rayong, Thailand. The family sought assistance from rescue workers who managed to capture 13 snakes while six others escaped. The snakes found refuge in various parts of the house, including the air conditioner, bathroom, and bedroom.

The unusual event occurred yesterday afternoon at a residence in Tasi district, Pluak Daeng subdistrict, Rayong Province. The homeowner, 42 year old Pon was waiting outside his home when the rescue team arrived to investigate the situation. He noticed the tail of a snake poking out of the air conditioner in the living room. As the team searched the house, they found snakes hiding in the bedroom, closets, and other locations.

Pon mentioned that he had no idea how the snakes had entered his home. Last night, he had to sleep outside the bedroom due to the snakes occupying the entire room. When the rescue team had captured nine snakes the previous day, he assumed the issue had been resolved. However, to his surprise, four more snakes were discovered today, with an additional six managing to escape. In total, there were around 20 snakes in his home.

While the rescue team and reporters were inspecting the area, they spotted the fallen Naga statue on the ground outside. Pon confirmed it was his statue and suspected it had fallen during a recent heavy rainstorm. He was unaware of the statue’s position on the ground until the reporters asked about it.

When questioned about the possible connection between the fallen Naga statue and the snake invasion, Pon admitted that he had left the statue on the ground for nearly a month. He pondered whether the incident was an omen, suggesting that the green snakes might be warning him to pick up and restore the Naga statue to its original place.

Although the incident is rather strange, it is worth noting that none of the neighbours in the area encountered any snake invasions in their homes. Curiously, only Pon’s home became the target of this unwelcome incursion, leaving some to wonder whether the mysterious event was indeed a supernatural sign. The true cause of the snake invasion remains a troubling enigma for the homeowner.

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