Thai postal company transports and delivers pre-election ballots for Thai elections 2022 with 100% coverage

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Yesterday Thai Postal Company Limited announced through social media that they have successfully delivered and distributed 100% of the advance General Election ballots both within Thailand and overseas for the upcoming 2026 elections. The transportation was completed using more than 500 vehicles and implemented strict security measures, including the use of GPS systems to monitor the path of the transport vehicles in real-time, with a Control Room constantly overseeing the logistics process.

Managing Director Dr Danun Supattapun of Thai Postal Company Limited stated that they have sorted, transported, and delivered all advance election ballots for the House of Representatives 2026 elections, both within and outside of Thailand. The ballots have reached 400 election districts across the country, ensuring they are prepared for the upcoming regular elections. Over 500 vehicles were used for transportation, combined with rigorous security measures to ensure ballot safety reported Sanook.

Aside from transportation, Thai Postal Company Limited supports the 2026 elections by undertaking five tasks. The tasks include delivering voter registration notifications, documents introducing the candidates, distributing election ballots, and equipment for general elections, and transporting advance election ballots for the House of Representatives for overseas voters who have already cast their votes.

Additionally, they are responsible for delivering advance voting ballots for both local and overseas voting districts, as well as handling notification letters to homeowners who have registered for voting rights. Moreover, the company utilizes its Thai Post headquarters as a hub for coordinating the transportation of election ballots, ballot counting, storage, and reporting the results to relevant agencies. Thai Postal Company Limited has completed all assigned tasks within the time frame securely and efficiently

In preparation for the House of Representatives 2026 elections, Thai Postal Company Limited has played a vital role in ensuring the timely distribution of all necessary voting materials. Their commitment to the secure transportation and coordination of the election materials highlights the importance of collaboration between various sectors in supporting the democratic process.

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