Thai police dismantle Chinese-led Euro football betting network

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Thai cyber police have dismantled a Chinese-led Euro football betting network, arresting six Thai people and seizing assets worth over 282 million baht. This operation follows the previous crackdown on a similar network in late June.

Police General Worawat Watnakhonbancha ordered the arrests on July 1, leading to an operation which resulted in the arrest of 47 year old Narawut, alongside three other members of the online betting ring in Mae Sot, Tak Province.

Separately, two other members were arrested, one in Yan Ta Khao, Trang Province, and the other in Kantang, Trang Province.

The arrested individuals face charges of facilitating illegal gambling through electronic media without authorisation and conspiracy to commit money laundering, involving more than two people. These arrests are part of Operation Shutdown EURO Bet which started in late June.

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In the initial phase of the operation, investigators targeted two locations associated with the Chinese online gambling network. The first raid occurred at a luxury residence in Thong Lor, Bangkok, where 42 year old Xiang Zhang, and 37 year old Zhang Huiqing, a Chinese couple, were apprehended.

Police seized 11 luxury condominium deeds, 13.8 million baht in cash, 3,200 US dollars (117,500 baht), 25,400 yuan, a Bentley worth 20 million baht, a Mercedes-Benz worth 3 million baht, a GWM Tank 500 valued at 2 million baht, and a luxury home purchase contract worth 88 million baht. Additionally, 86,749,572 baht were frozen in bank accounts, totalling assets worth more than 260 million baht.

The second raid took place at a high-end mansion in Phrom Phong, Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, where 36 year old Jun Xia, a Chinese national responsible for money laundering, was arrested. Four Thai associates who were responsible for cash withdrawals were also apprehended. Seized items included five vehicles, 2.26 million baht in cash, 50,000 baht in foreign currency, a computer, eight mobile phones, and a motorcycle, worth a combined total of over 22 million baht.

Following these operations, police issued 64 arrest warrants for individuals involved in the network, capturing seven key suspects, including three Chinese leaders and four Thai individuals responsible for money laundering and financial management.

In the latest arrests, Narawut and five others were apprehended for their roles in opening mule accounts. This brings the total number of arrests to 13. Police are actively pursuing the remaining football betting network members and tracking financial routes to seize and freeze related assets for legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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