Thai PM slams controversial and “unacceptable” Lazada advert

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The Thai PM, Prayut Chan-o-cha, has joined the hysteria surrounding a now-deleted advert from online shopping platform, Lazada. The ad, in the form of a video, features online influencers, Nara Aniwat and Thidaporn “Nurat” Chaokuwiang. Thidaporn is seated in a wheelchair and dressed in traditional Thai costume. In the clip, Nara accuses Thidaporn, who plays the role of her mother from a privileged background, of stealing her clothes.

The ad immediately sent pro-monarchy citizens into a tizzy, with royalists jumping to the questionable conclusion that it was mocking Princess Chulabhorn, who uses a wheelchair. According to a Bangkok Post report, the Thai government is now seeking a court order to block access to the video. The PM has slammed the video, describing the marketing campaign as, “unacceptable”.

”Is that the right thing? Can we accept it? Can the media accept it? If you can’t, neither can I. Then, let the law take its course.”

Ever anxious about what the media might choose to report, he goes on to urge members of the press to focus on positive things, instead of material that causes conflict.

Meanwhile, staff at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have been busy, with instructions to have a grand total of 42 URLs removed. These include links to online giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, who will be asked to block access to the content in question. The ministry is threatening court action if they don’t cooperate.

The move comes as Srisuwan Janya from the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution has lodged a complaint with the ministry, calling for legal action against all involved in the Lazada campaign. Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, DES minister, says it will be up to a court to decide Lazada’s future in Thailand.

“Whether the Lazada platform will be closed will be considered in court.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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