Thai OnlyFans star arrested after posting explicit image with monk

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A Thai OnlyFans creator was arrested today after she posted an explicit picture with a monk on Twitter and promoted a pornography video of herself having sexual intercourse with the monk. However, she later revealed that the video was fake and had just posted it to promote her platform.

On March 3, the Twitter account, juniijune6969 posted a picture taken at Bang Sue Train Station in Bangkok featuring a woman opening her shirt to reveal her breasts while sitting next to a monk. The caption said…

“Selling porn of me and a monk. 699 baht. Message me if you are interested.”

The woman kept tweeting messages to invite her followers to buy the video and insisted that she had a porn video of her and the monk having sex.

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Her account has over 470,000 followers and a lot of porn and naked videos from the platform have been shared by many Twitter users. Her OnlyFans account and VIP group on the LINE application are also advertised on her Twitter bio.

Thai netizens expressed their outrage and called the relevant departments, especially the National Office of Buddhism, to investigate and punish both the monk and the woman. Many feel that the woman has tarnished the image of Thai monks and desecrated Buddhism.

The woman, identified as Wanida, was arrested at her house today and acknowledged her actions. She said she took the picture at Bang Sue Train Station using a tripod. However, she said she did not have an erotic video with the monk as she promoted and did not know the monk in person.

The charges issued against Wanida have not been reported by the police but she could face up to five years in jail and a fine of up to 100,000 baht, for creating and publishing pornographic material according to Section 14(4) of the Computer Act.

Wanida’s acts also violated Section 287(1) of the Criminal Law: whoever broadcasts or produces sex content shall be punished with imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.

In Thailand, pornography is illegal, and popular porn sites like PornHub are banned in the country. The ban on pornography is a controversial issue among citizens, with many people considering the content disgraceful and morally wrong.

For some people in Thailand, porn and sex-related topics are taboo and should not be talked about.

Last year, a famous OnlyFans creator and YouTuber, 25 year old Arisa “Kwang” Siangluecha, also known as Deerlong, relocated to stay with her boyfriend in the Netherlands after Thai police warned her of charges and penalties for her content.

In another case, an OnlyFans couple was arrested last year for their erotic videos shot at a resort in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima, which was blamed for spoiling the reputation of the spot and the province.

Thai OnlyFans star arrested after posting explicit image with monk | News by Thaiger

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