Prosecutor seeks mystery Thai musician captivating netizens

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In a heartwarming display of community and official concern, Director-General of the Prosecutor, Office of the Rights Protection and Legal Assistance to the Public (NCPO), Kosonwat Inthuchanyong, has issued a public appeal seeking a young pianist whose piano playing in a local market has captured the attention of netizens.

The boy, who has been performing to financially support his household, displayed a sign with a heartbreaking message about his family’s troubles.

The boy, identified only by his TikTok handle @siengkhaen, was spotted playing the piano and singing in school uniform, with a sign that read, My mother died, my uncle cheated me out of money, my father went bankrupt, please help us.

The touching scene, which took place in a bustling market, showed the boy with his piano and speakers, collecting money from passersby moved by his story. Videos of his performances and rehearsals for market gigs were shared on TikTok, where he practiced songs like Duean Pen, with his father narrating the struggles they faced, including their rented living space.

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The story quickly resonated with the online community, with many expressing sympathy and a desire to help the boy. This outpouring of support caught the attention of Kosonwat, who took to social media to offer the help of his office.

“Whoever knows where this boy is singing, please tell me. I will send the OAG for Rights Protection to provide assistance. Help us find the truth if the boy has been cheated. The attorney can always help him,”

The OAG’s response underscores their commitment to safeguarding the rights and welfare of children in the country. By actively seeking out the young pianist, the office aims to verify his story and offer any necessary legal and protective services.

In a society where many struggle to make ends meet, this gesture by the OAG not only offers immediate help to the boy but also sends a message of hope and support to others in similar situations, reported Khaosod.

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