Thai man dies from electrocution after friends warn him against electrofishing

A man from Nakhon Pathom province in central Thailand was found dead in the forest this morning clutching pliers, electric wires, and a fishing net.

The body of 49 year old Montien [surname reserved] was found next to a pond in the forest behind a worker’s camp on Malaiman Road in the Mueang district in the early hours of this morning.

There were no wounds or traces of struggle on his body. He is suspected to have died from electrocution.

A 46 year old woman named Panthida [surname reserved] told police she was drinking with Montien and some other friends from the worker’s camp last night. Panthida said everyone went back to their rooms at about 1am.

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Panthida said Montien was the first to leave last night. She expects he wanted some time to prepare to go fishing in the morning.

In the morning, no one could find Montien. His friends shouted his name but he didn’t shout back, so they went to look for him in the forest behind the camp.

Montien’s friends found him lying dead next to a small pond, around 20 metres from the camp, surrounded by electrofishing equipment. He was tightly gripping electric wires and a fishing net.

Panthida said Montien often went electrofishing in the forest behind the camp. His friends had warned him several times against killing fish by electric shock because it was dangerous, but he didn’t listen, said Panthida.


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