Thai man consumes whale puke to treat gout and nourish his skin

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A 54 year old Thai man in the southern province of Satun ate whale puke in the belief that it could cure gout, nourish his skin, and improve his health.

During an interview with Channel 3, the Thai man Sinong displayed 3 kilogrammes of whale puke. He explained that he had found the substance near Koh Daeng, an island in the Tungwa district of Satun province. After discovering it, he decided to collect and sell it.

The buyer offered him 10,000 baht per kilogramme but he refused to sell, thinking the rate was too low. Another buyer offered him a million baht for the 3 kilogrammes of vomit, also known as discharge or fecal matter but the person later disappeared.

Sinong decided to keep the whale puke and try to discover its benefits. He had suffered from gout for a long time, so he tried using whale vomit as medicine.

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Sinong showed reporters how he consumed the puke. He put a spoon of vomit into a mug, poured hot water into it, and drank it. He explained that the vomit did not have any taste and only gave off a smell of grilled fish or grilled squid.

Sinong stated that he had been consuming whale puke for three months and his gout symptoms improved. He did not feel pain in his knees as before and was able to move and walk more flexibly. He added that his blood system also improved and the vomit nourished his skin, giving it a rosy tone.

Sinong admitted that the benefits of the whale vomit were based on his own beliefs. He did not conduct any research for concrete or scientific proof.

Despite its perceived benefits, Sinong emphasised that he was ready to sell the puke if the buyer offered him an impressive price. If he could not sell it, he would keep it as medicine as usual.

Whale vomit, also known as ambergris is produced by sperm whales. The substance is notable for its use in the perfume industry. Its price varies depending on its size, age, and quality. The best quality whale puke can fetch up to 730,000 baht for half a kilogramme.

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