Bolt driver in Pattaya attacked by passenger’s ex-boyfriend

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A Bolt driver in Pattaya found himself in an unexpected and dangerous situation when an unidentified man attacked him, mistakenly believing him to be the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend.

The incident took place yesterday when 40 year old Pairat Songsod was waiting in his parked car for his passenger, 24 year old Kulrat who had booked a ride through the Bolt mobile app.

Pairat’s vehicle was stationed at a bar on Chaiyapruek 1 Road, where he was supposed to pick up Kulrat, a first-time passenger. As Kulrat was entering the car, an unidentified man abruptly opened the door and began assaulting her. Concerned for Kulrat’s safety, Pairat quickly locked the car doors, which only served to further infuriate the assailant.

The man, under the mistaken impression that Pairat was Kulrat’s new boyfriend, responded violently by smashing the car’s driver-side window with a helmet. He then proceeded to threaten Pairat with a sharp iron bar. Prompted by the imminent danger, Pairat swiftly drove away from the scene and later lodged a police complaint.

According to Kulrat, the attacker was her former boyfriend from whom she had separated two months prior after a two-year relationship. She revealed that he had been stalking and harassing her since their breakup, leading her to file a police report against him previously.

Currently, Deputy Inspector of Investigation at Pattaya Police Station, Police Lieutenant Phuttharak Sonkhamhan, is scrutinising CCTV footage from the area in an attempt to identify and apprehend the assailant. Kulrat and Pairat fortunately escaped the encounter without any injuries, reported Pattaya News.

The Bolt driver, Pairat gave his account of the incident.

“It was an unexpected and frightening situation. I was just there to pick up a passenger, and suddenly I found myself in the middle of this violent situation.”

Kulrat expressed her relief at escaping unharmed and is hopeful that her ex-boyfriend will be apprehended soon.

“It’s been tough since the breakup, with him stalking and harassing me. I hope the police can take action soon so I can feel safe again.”

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