Thai man arrested for defrauding victims of over 4.5 million baht

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A fraudulent individual, claiming to be a high-ranking police officer and a judge’s aide, was apprehended by Thai law enforcement agencies for conning victims out of more than 4.5 million baht. The 35 year old man allegedly exploited his contrived connections to facilitate court proceedings and expedite electronic monitoring bracelet removals.

Phromphron was seized near the public service station of the Royal Thai Police, Wang Manao, on Rama 2 Road in Pak Tho District, Ratchaburi. The arrest was made today, following the issuance of an arrest warrant for corruption and misconduct, registered on December 6.

The man deceived victims by asserting that he worked at the Office of Anti-Money Laundering and could assist with court proceedings due to his close relationship with a judge from the Court of Appeal, Region 4. After successfully securing bail for a victim, he demanded a payment of 3,750,000 baht (US$ 107,482) for his services, reported KhaoSod.

However, the victim discovered that they were additionally being charged with deceiving the public and the Computer Crime Act under the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB). Phromphron claimed he could coordinate with Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Phuridej, a high-ranking police officer, to assist with the case. The victim, believing him, transferred another 500,000 baht (US$ 14,330), totalling over 4 million baht (US$ 114,646) in losses.

Upon realizing the deception, the victim filed a complaint at Saraphi Police Station in Chiang Mai. The officials collected evidence and obtained an arrest warrant from the Court of Corruption and Misconduct Cases, Region 5. Furthermore, the victim reported the incident to the Crime Suppression Division for further action against the perpetrator.

Upon investigation, Phromphron denied all allegations. However, his checkered past was revealed when a background check was conducted. Over the past decade, he had been arrested in more than 20 cases involving fraud, violation of the cheque act, and other misdemeanours. His modus operandi included defrauding people by booking plane tickets, issuing cheques that the bank refused to cash, and falsely offering legal assistance. Following his arrest, Phromphron was sent to Saraphi Police Station to proceed with legal actions.

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