Thai man abuses ex-girlfriend and sells her explicit footage

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A Thai woman turned to social media influencer Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet for help after her ex-boyfriend physically abused her and sold explicit footage of her online.

Gun accompanied the victim, 29 year old Am, to Taling Chan Police Station to file a complaint against her 25 year old ex-boyfriend, who physically abused her throughout their three-month relationship and sold a video of her having sex with him online.

Am revealed her story to the public, saying she is a single mother with two sons aged 12 and seven. She works as a food delivery driver and met her ex-boyfriend at work.

Am said the man was a very good person and took good care of her before moving on to someone else after three months of dating.

According to Am, her ex-boyfriend started physically assaulting her for the first time on August 10. She refused to travel to his home province because she had to work and take care of her sons. They exchanged heated words before the man hit her with a motorcycle helmet until she was bleeding.

The man apologised after seeing her bleed. Am said she was shocked but forgave him because it was the first time.

Vicious assault

Unfortunately, the man attacked her again inside a convenience store on August 12. She decided to end the relationship that day and filed a complaint against him at Taling Chan Police Station.

The man, on August 18, lured her into meeting him at his house and attempted to rape her. She screamed for help making him angry and repeatedly punching her in the face.

Am said the man would stop attacking her only if she bled, so she had to hit her head with a glass bottle to make him stop and escape from his house.

Am stated that the man usually recorded videos when they engaged in sexual activities saying he just liked them and did not mean to share with others. Am said she urged him to delete them in case the footage was leaked. She thought the man deleted the videos but he did not.

After breaking up, the man started using the videos to threaten her to have sex with him. He told her that he would release the videos on social media if she did not do what he wanted.

But Am would not meet him or have sex with him so the suspect posted her footage on a Facebook group of food delivery riders and, as a consequence, she was sacked by her company. He also added that he sold a video of them having sex online for 12,000 baht.

Suspect threats

Am revealed that the man still contacted her and ordered her to drop all the charges. He boasted that his family was powerful and was not scared of the police.

The Superintendent of the Taling Chan Police Station, Monchai Arunsongsaengdee, ensured that he would bring the abusive ex-boyfriend to justice no matter how powerful his family was.

Aside from facing charges for attacking and threatening the victim, the suspect might also face human trafficking charges for selling explicit videos of the victims.

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