Thai government sets up “fake news centres” to combat misinformation

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A government spokesman has confirmed the formation of new centres dedicated to dealing with “fake news” on social media. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana says the centres will be created at 3 different levels to coordinate efforts to combat the spread of misinformation. According to a Bangkok Post report, the Cabinet has already approved a draft regulation submitted by the PM’s Office.

“The draft will serve as a guide to deal with fake news, particularly information which creates social divisions, ruins the country’s reputation and damages the economy.”

Thanakorn says the new centres will integrate efforts to tackle the spread of fake news, with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry establishing a central coordination hub to act as the primary centre. In turn, each government ministry will create its own coordination centre, while each province will set up its own fake news centre under the Provincial Administration Department, part of the Interior Ministry.

The Bangkok Post reports that when fake news is reported, officials have been ordered to immediately alert the public and instruct the Public Relations Department to correct the news within 1 hour and to prosecute those responsible for spreading the misinformation. Thanakorn adds that the authorities will ask the MDES to immediately delete the content in question from computer systems.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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