Thai gold prices see slight rise, now at 37,900 baht per baht-weight

Thai gold prices have experienced a modest increase, catching the attention of potential buyers and investors. As of the latest update from the Gold Traders Association (GTA), the cost of gold ornaments rose by 50 baht since the last recorded prices, indicating a slight uptick in the precious metal’s market value.

The GTS’s website revealed that as of 9.09am today, March 25, the selling price for gold ornaments was established at 37,900 baht per baht-weight, a standard unit of measurement in the Thai gold trade equal to 15.244 grams. This adjustment reflects the latest shift in the dynamic gold trading environment, which both enthusiasts and professionals in the industry closely watch.

Gold bars, known for their higher purity compared to ornaments, were also subject to new pricing. The buying price for gold bars was registered at 37,300 baht per baht-weight, with the selling price slightly higher at 37,400 baht. This pricing applies to gold bars that are 96.5% pure, a common purity level for such items in the Thai market.

The purchase price for gold ornaments of 96.5% purity was noted at 36,626.56 baht, while their selling price stood at 37,900 baht. These figures, though specific to today, are part of the ongoing flux in gold prices that is influenced by numerous factors including global economic trends, currency values, and market demand.

In the international arena, the Gold Spot price, which is the current price at which gold can be bought or sold at a specified time and place, was recorded at 2,176.50 US dollars per ounce. This figure provides a benchmark for global markets and is of particular interest to those involved in international trade of the precious metal.

The GTA routinely announces the buying and selling prices for both gold bars and ornaments, providing necessary information for transactions in the Thai gold market. These announcements are pivotal for maintaining transparency and helping traders, as well as the public, make informed decisions regarding their gold-related transactions.

In summary, the first announcement of the day for gold prices in Thailand today, March 25 follows:

Gold bars:
– Buying price: 37,300 baht per baht-weight
– Selling price: 37,400 baht per baht-weight

Gold ornaments:
– Buying price: 36,626.56 baht per baht-weight
– Selling price: 37,900 baht per baht-weight

These figures are expected to fluctuate based on local and international market conditions, and stakeholders in the gold market will be closely monitoring any subsequent changes. The incremental rise in gold prices today may signal a trend of increasing value, making it a potentially auspicious time for investors to consider their options in the gold market, reported KhaoSod.

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