Thai fruit seller reports mystical events around ancient tree in Rayong

A fruit vendor in Rayong province reported a series of strange occurrences centred around an ancient tree near her stall. She claims that offerings of red water seem to move as if being drunk, and that a three year old child pointed at the tree, mysteriously stating that the first prize was located there.

Yesterday, January 9, a reporter travelled to the fruit stall located near a venerable tree on Ban Chang-Phla Road, Ban Chang, Rayong. The journey was prompted by intriguing rumours of supernatural events, including sightings of red water offerings seemingly being consumed from their bottles.

Upon arrival at the fruit stall, the reporter met a 62 year old fruit seller, Saeng. She had been selling fruits near the enormous tree, with a height of approximately 10 metres, for two years.

She was advised by the landowner to pay respects to the sacred spirits residing in the tree, which comprises three intertwined species: Takian, Yang Na, and Banyan. Many colourful pieces of cloth were found tied around the tree, and various gold figurines were spotted around the base of the tree.

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After making her daily offerings of red water and fruits, Saeng noticed an unusual reaction in the red water bottle – it gurgled and bubbled, and the straw seemed to move as if someone was drinking from it.

Saeng also shared that since starting her business at this location, she has been repeatedly visited in her dreams by a woman dressed in Thai traditional attire, who often provided her with lottery numbers. She has since won the lottery and her fruit business has thrived. Saeng believes these positive changes are due to the blessings of the sacred spirits residing in the tree.

Saeng’s 63 year old husband, Anon, corroborated her story, stating his firm belief in the tree’s sacredness. He testified to the miraculous events they have witnessed and the good fortune they have experienced since they started worshipping the tree.

In a peculiar event, a female customer shopping with her three year old son suddenly pointed at the tree and said, “The first prize is here,” repeating the phrase three times. However, when asked about it, the child timidly refused to answer. The child’s mother, who was equally perplexed by her son’s statements, stated that her son is usually shy and rarely speaks, reported Sanook.

While the family was discussing the incident, the alarm on the red motorbike belonging to the fruit seller’s son parked nearby suddenly went off. The motorbike, with the registration number 2517, was devoid of license plates. The family plans to use this number for the lottery, believing it to be another sign from the spirits.

Locals corroborated the belief in the ancient tree’s sacredness and spoke highly of its age, believed to be several hundred years old. The tree, which is revered by locals, is adorned with colourful cloth offerings, a testament to the locals’ faith in its supernatural powers.

Thai fruit seller reports mystical events around ancient tree in Rayong | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Sanook
Thai fruit seller reports mystical events around ancient tree in Rayong | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Sanook

In related news, a Chinese feast for spirits was held in Chon Buri, organized by a lottery predictor and teacher.

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