Thai father saves daughter from cocaine smuggling syndicate

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A Thai father rescued his daughter from an international drug smuggling syndicate after a dealer attempted to deceive her into smuggling 7.5 kilograms of cocaine, valued at over 20 million baht, into Australia.

The girl’s Thai father, 53 year old Borommawat Pheeraruengrit, told ThaiRath that his 23 year old daughter, Pornratchakwan Pheeraruengrit, is currently studying in Australia and plans to return to Thailand during her school break in mid-January.

To make her trip more worthwhile, Pornratchakwan announced on social media that she would provide a delivery service for those interested in acquiring products from Thailand. She planned to transport and deliver these items to individuals in Australia during her departure from Thailand.

According to Borommawat, a Lao man reached out to Pornratchakwan and offered her 3,500 baht to transport seat cushions to Australia, a proposition she accepted. Subsequently, the parcel box containing the cushions arrived at her residence in the Bang Kasor district in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok on January 1.

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Borommawat received the parcel since his daughter had not yet arrived in Thailand. Intrigued, he questioned the package’s contents as it appeared excessively heavy for just containing cushions.

Borommawat contacted the police to assist in the opening of the parcel at his home. Inside, they discovered two envelopes addressed to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) offices in Phetchaburi province. One envelope claimed to be from the NACC office in Nonthaburi province, while the other was sent by the NACC office in Nakhon Pathom province.

The presence of official documents in the parcel raised suspicions, as such items are not typically sent this way, and government departments should handle their deliveries without assistance from Pornratchakwan.

Borommawat and officers checked on 15 seat cushions in the box and found that 7.5 kilogrammes of cocaine were concealed in each of the cushions within the box.

Fortunately, Pornratchakwan’s father discovered the drugs before she transported them to Australia, preventing her from facing charges of drug smuggling.

Currently, officers are conducting a thorough investigation into the parcel and its senders. They will examine the fingerprints on the box to identify the drug dealer responsible.

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