Thai farmers to be granted 25,000 title deeds

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Agriculture Minister Thamanat Prompow confirmed the distribution of 25,000 land title deeds to farmers across the nation.

The spectacle kicks off on January 15, with a grand launch at the centre for the promotion and development of additional careers outside of agriculture in Ayutthaya’s Bang Sai district. Leading the ceremony is none other than Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

During the much-anticipated launch, 1,000 title deeds will be handed out, and the remaining 24,000 will be dispensed at Pirunraj Agricultural Centres nationwide. This initiative is a crucial part of the government’s policy to convert Sor Por Kor 4-01 documents into agricultural land title deeds, promising a cascade of benefits for farmers who hold rights to government-owned land.

Eligible farmers, numbering a staggering 1.62 million, were invited to register for this transformative change via the Agriculture Land Reform Office (ALRO) nationwide or the agency’s website starting from November 15 last year. The meticulous process of altering documents is set to kick off on January 15 and will progress gradually.

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The advantages awaiting farmers through these land title deeds are manifold:

  • Land can be transferred wholly or partly to ALRO or among eligible farmers.
  • Land can be used as collateral for loans or by individuals entering the judicial process.
  • Farmers can boost income by cultivating valuable plants or trading carbon credits.
  • Government support for infrastructure development, utilities, and compensation for disasters will be readily available.

Minister Thamanat explained the rationale behind the initiative.

“Changing Sor Por Kor 4-01 documents into agricultural land title deeds aims to increase benefits from owning land, allowing farmers to use it as collateral when seeking loans from financial institutions.”

Both ALRO and the Agriculture Ministry emphasize that the programme is poised to inject vitality into the grassroots economy, significantly enhancing income not only for farmers but also for other citizens. The broader economic impact is expected to be profound, bringing about a transformative wave in the agricultural sector and beyond, reported The Nation.

Sor Por Kor is an agricultural title deed for government owned land that is transferred for farming to underprivileged families for farming. Those who are not Thai citizens are not easily eligible for an interest in this type of land deed.

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