Thai entrepreneurs make record-breaking sales at Japan food expo

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Fifty Thai entrepreneurs showcased their culinary prowess at the Foodex Japan 2024 exhibition held in Tokyo from March 5 to 8.

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) revealed that the response from Japanese buyers was so overwhelming that sales soared to nearly 2.5 billion baht.

Chanthapat Panjamanond, Thailand’s commercial attaché in Tokyo revealed that orders for Thai food products skyrocketed to a record-breaking 2.458 billion baht. This staggering figure marked a fourfold increase compared to the previous year’s sales of 590 million baht, showcasing Japan’s rising purchasing power and robust economic policies that spell bright prospects for Thai exports in the coming year.

Moreover, Thai fruits also got a piece of the action as a group of Japanese buyers ordered a whopping 5,000 tonnes of bananas and an additional 4,000 tonnes of mangosteen, set to tantalize taste buds across Japan starting in April.

With plans to introduce Thailand’s unique OTOP products to the Tokyo market, the aim is not just to sell goods but to transform Thailand’s soft power into tangible income for local communities, aligning perfectly with government policies.

Minister of Commerce Phumtham Wechayachai stressed the importance of integrating marketing strategies with Thailand’s soft power to bolster income and expand export opportunities, reported The Nation.

January 2024 already showed promising growth with a remarkable 10% expansion in export value, setting the stage for an exciting year ahead.

In related news, the UTCC (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce) predicted a revival in exports, projecting a growth of 2 to 3% for the year, which equates to a value between US$290 and 293 billion. This shows a significant improvement from the 1% contraction experienced in the previous year.

In other news, Phumtham conducted a rice inspection following an invitation from the Association of Thai Agricultural Product Surveyors.

The association, keen to dispel allegations regarding the quality of rice held under the contentious rice-pledging scheme, orchestrated an eventful visit to warehouses owned by Poonpon Trading Ltd and Kittichai Ltd in different districts of the northeastern province.

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