Thai Cabinet tackles smog problem with 272 million baht project

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The annual 2024 fiscal budget saw the Thai Cabinet allotting 272 million baht (US$7.59 million) towards a strategic project, intent on confronting wildfire and smog problems, and reducing PM2.5 dust. The announcement came from the Thai deputy government spokeswoman, Kanika Aunjit, during a press conference held on March 3.

The alarming rise of PM2.5 problems accelerated this decision witnessed in 17 provinces across northern Thailand. These provinces, bearing the brunt of wildfires over the past few years, had their local inhabitants living under constant health threats. Kanika underscored the gravity of the situation, prompting the Thai government to elevate the PM2.5 issue to a national agenda, reported The Pattaya News.

Northern Thailand’s 17 provinces, populated by a massive number of citizens, form the economic backbone of the country. However, these provinces have been grappling with severe air pollution owing to wildfires, agricultural burning, and smog from neighbouring countries. Traffic, transportation, and industrial activities have also been instrumental in exacerbating the situation, as per Kanika’s statement.

She further explained the purpose of the government project, which is concentrated on addressing wildfire and smog problems to mitigate PM2.5 issues in the 17 northern provinces. The project also plans to target hotspots and areas at high risk from wildfires from January to May 2024, Kanika said.

“The Thai government gave importance to the issues and raised the issue of PM 2.5 as a national agenda.”

Considering the grave implications of the escalating PM 2.5 problems, the Thai government’s dedicated budget allocation marks a significant step towards devising solutions. The project’s success could offer a respite from the environmental and health issues plaguing the northern provinces.

The deputy government spokeswoman’s press conference served as a reminder of the Thai government’s commitment to prioritising public health and the environment. However, the effectiveness of these measures will only be ascertained in the coming months, as the project unfolds and efforts are channelled towards combating air pollution.

“The government project aimed to solve wildfire and smog problems to tackle PM2.5 problems in 17 northern provinces, hot spots, and high-risk areas of wildfires during January-May, 2024,” Kanika concluded.

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