Thai-British couple ‘paws’ to save puppy from restaurant abuse

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A Thai woman and her British husband rescued a puppy after a mentally ill Thai man abused the animal outside his restaurant in the Isaan province of Udon Thani.

Officers from Mueang Udon Thani Police Station were alerted to the animal abuse at 11.20am today, July 11. They were called to the incident scene, a restaurant in Soi Adunlayadet 5 in Udon Thani. Police arrived at the scene to find the eatery closed and met the complainants at a nearby restaurant.

The complainants were a 36 year old Thai woman Ratchanok Lueangsithong and her British husband, whose name was not disclosed. The foreign man was carrying a light brown puppy aged about two to three months.

Ratchanok told police that her restaurant was located near the attacker’s restaurant, so she witnessed the abuse of the man, known as Boy. She saw Boy walking to his restaurant with the animal in his hand. He was carrying it by the neck and strangling it, making the puppy scream in pain.

Ratchanok said she initially thought the puppy was a dead cat. She asked her aunt to check on the animal and found that it was a live puppy.

Ratchanok then asked her husband to get the dog from Boy, but he refused to hand it over.

“This is my dog. Here is Thailand. I can do anything with this dog. I can even eat it!”

Ratchanok argued with Boy and threatened to record a video of the abuse and share it with the police. Her husband then took the puppy away from the scene. Boy returned to his restaurant and was not present when the police arrived.

Ratchanok informed ThaiRath that Boy suffers from a mental illness caused by drug use. He had previously gone on a rampage, hurling various objects, such as a flower pot and a brick, at her restaurant. Although she had filed multiple complaints against him before, the police were unable to take action due to his mental condition.

Chalida Dhammachaikun, a local who also witnessed the incident, told ThaiRath that she saw Boy press the puppy to the floor, strangle it with a rope, and kick it. She attempted to adopt the dog, but Boy refused.

Police are letting Ratchanok and her husband take care of the puppy until its rightful owner claims it. The couple named the animal Lucky, as it was lucky to be saved from the abuse.

Thai woman and British husband save puppy in Isaan
Photo via ThaiRath
Mentally ill Thai man abused puppy
Photo via ThaiRath

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