Thai Airways is recruiting a new CEO

Debt-ridden Thai Airways is looking to hire an “ethical” Chief Executive Officer to steer the airline in the flight direction. After a year without a CEO, the nation’s flag carrier posted a job advertisement on LinkedIn looking for a highly-qualified aviation expert to take on the tall order of getting THAI back off the ground.

THAI needs a leader who is on board with the airline’s new financial rehabilitation plan. After the airline showed an improved performance in a progress report, THAI submitted a revised plan to the Bankruptcy Court on July 1. The report was approved by creditors, who own 78.59% of the airline’s total debt.

The new plan allows THAI to borrow more money and is a “significant step toward its [the airline’s] complete recovery,” according to the airline.

THAI’s job advertisement asks applicants who are invited to the interview stage to “please study the rehabilitation plan of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited to prepare to present visions and ideas for managing challenges under the context of business rehabilitation.”

The advert didn’t mention the salary of the position but said the figure would be agreed on by the Board of Directors according to the successful applicant’s qualifications and experience.

Job Description

1. Manage all operations of the company. achieve the objectives of company policy or the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting

2. Supervise the management and all employees of the company. within the scope of powers stipulated in the company’s articles of association or as prescribed by the Board of Directors

Qualifications of Applicants

  • Must be a Thai national
  • Graduated with a master’s degree or higher
  • Experience in aviation business or related industries
  • Experience in managing large organisations and hold senior management positions in various cases as follows:
  • For applicants who are current employees of the company: Hold positions at level 11-13
  • For applicants from outside the company: Be or used to be an executive of a private sector or a state enterprise whose organisation has had total sales of not less than 10 billion baht per year, holding a position not lower than the 2nd ranked executive of the organisation (N-1) . and attach the organisational structure including the financial statements or the annual report while holding the position, or
  • Be or used to be an executive from a government agency at the department level or equivalent, with a position not lower than the 2nd ranked executive of the organisation (N-1) with a certificate from the agency including the organisational structure to show

Position Qualifications

  • Knowledge, understanding, expertise and experience in managing the business to achieve the objectives (those who understand the strategic plan and mission of the rehabilitation will be given special consideration)
  • Experience working with international organisations
  • Responsible for monitoring and evaluating the company’s performance. To achieve the implementation of the strategic objectives (Strategic Objectives), capital budgets, operating plans (Operating Plans), business rehabilitation plans (Rehabilitation Plan)
  • Have a vision and can apply business ideas to manage human resources Customer Service, Business Law, Financial Management sales and marketing Knowledgeable and able to make good investment decisions in order to make the business grow and be profitable
  • Able to show the highest leadership of the company to represent the public (Public Spokesperson) and create a positive image in the media, industry and related professional associations.
  • leadership Skilled in team management Able to communicate and build a strong team as well as having excellent delegation skills to manage the business towards sustainable growth
  • Can lead and motivate employees to build engagement as well as instil strong corporate culture and values
  • Able to build and maintain good relationships with stakeholders especially government agencies and regulatory agencies, rules and regulations
  • Able to understand and analyse the situation risk assessment can offer solutions to problems and can see the related effects in the long term
  • Understand the importance of innovation including the concept of using Technology Digital as the core of organisational development
  • Flexible Highly adaptable and flexible with an emphasis on success
  • Use English for communication and work at a very good level
  • Ethical, exemplary in integrity Work with good governance principles and in accordance with the laws and regulations both inside and outside the company

To submit an application visit:

Applications are open from now until October 25, 2022. If you have questions you can request further information via email at or call 0 2545 1752.

SOURCE: Thai Airways

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