Thai actress faints at the wheel, crashes into 9 motor vehicles & a shop in Pattaya

Photo via Nititham Okava Cheevatham

A Thai actress blacked out and crashed her minivan into nine motor vehicles and a restaurant on Pattaya’s Klang Sai Sam Road on Sunday night. No injuries were reported, and no alcohol was found in the actress’ system.

The incident happened on Sunday, December 11, in front of a late-night porridge shop on Pattaya Klang Sai Sam Road.

The owner of the porridge shop, 49 year old Sin, reported that he did not see how the Toyota Alphard minivan crashed into his shop because he was in the kitchen. He heard a crashing sound and went out to discover that his shop and cars nearby were destroyed.

Sin said the woman driver, Kamonwan “Elle” Suthinphuak, climbed out of the wreckage and did not look drunk. She told Sin that she passed out at the wheel and crashed into the cars, motorcycles, and his shop. The 34 year old promised she would compensate him for his losses. Sin added that he did not know the driver was an actress at that time.

Elle took an alcohol test at Mueng Pattaya Police Station, which returned a negative result.

Elle posted a document confirming her negative alcohol result on Instagram and revealed to followers that she went to her aunt’s birthday with her mother and younger brother. She then set off to a hotel but on the way she passed out and lost control of the car, crashing into the motor vehicles and a shop.

Many Thai netizens questioned the incident saying it did not make sense that someone could black out at the wheel of a car unless they were on medication, drugs, or alcohol.

Netizens also questioned why she would drive a car despite knowing she has a blackout condition. Elle responded that she usually hires a chauffeur but because the trip was short she decided to drive. Elle also insisted that she does not have any health issues, even though she often has blackouts.

The 34 year old actress was charged with driving recklessly, causing danger to the property of another person according to Section 43(4) of the Land Traffic Act. She could face a fine of 400 to 1,000 baht as a result of the charge. The property owners said they would discuss compensation with the actress later.

Elle is the daughter of Krungsivilai Suthinphuak, a former actor and Member of Parliament from the Palang Pracharat party.

Kamonwan Elle Thai actress
Photo via Instagram @ellelyy

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