Thai abbot denies rape allegation by transwoman and plans lawsuit

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A Thai abbot at Phra Phutthabat Pha Nam Temple in the northern province of Lamphun denied raping a transwoman and accused her of fabricating the story after a conflict over flower decoration costs.

A complaint warrant was circulated on social media, detailing the alleged sexual assault of a 38 year old transgender victim by the abbot, Phra Kru Sunthorn Auttakarn, on August 5 last year. According to the transwoman, she was coerced into meeting the monk and forced into sexual activity between 7am and 9am that day.

The victim lodged a formal complaint against the monk at Li Police Station on February 2 and took to social media to share her ordeal in pursuit of justice. Regrettably, the transwoman encountered threats from a high-ranking government official in the area for exposing the abbot.

Channel 3 reported that its team contacted the victim to clarify more details to the media but the transwoman refused to talk with reporters, saying she was driving.

The abbot came forward to defend himself yesterday, May 30, saying he did not rape the transwoman. However, he admitted to arguing with her previously. The abbot believed she wanted to tarnish his image and reputation as revenge.

The abbot clarified the issue, claiming the transwoman volunteered to arrange flower decorations for an old monk who passed away in April 2022. She brought some flowers, which were not enough, so the abbot bought more flowers for her. Many locals then came to help with the flower decorations.

According to the abbot, the transwoman requested 20,000 baht from him to cover decoration expenses. However, as she did not complete the decoration work alone, he only paid her 2,000 baht.

Feeling aggrieved, the transwoman insisted the abbot compensate her with at least 10,000 baht. Despite her persistent demands for further payment, the abbot declined to provide any additional funds.

The abbot explained that initially, he chose not to involve the police or engage with local authorities regarding the matter. However, when the transwoman publicly shared the story on social media, prominently mentioning his name, he felt compelled to address the situation to safeguard his reputation.

The monk emphasised that he is now discussing with his lawyer and planning to sue the transwoman for damaging his name.

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