Terminal lung cancer patient Kritthai shares poignant life journey

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A 28 year old doctor who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, recently updated his status on his personal Facebook page, hinting at his nearing departure. The young doctor, Kritthai, launched the page Fight for It to share his journey and raise awareness about the disease. His recently published book by the same name has gained positive feedback from readers.

“I probably won’t be around much longer. If anyone wants to say or tell me something, feel free to do so. I may leave mid-next month. See you again in the next life. At this point, this is all I can type. Thank you for everything over the past 30 years. I apologise if I’ve upset anyone.”

Additionally, Kritthai shared a video from the page The Happy Moment: A Happy Wedding Planner in Chiang Mai, documenting the heartwarming atmosphere of his wedding day with his beautiful bride, Pim. The video includes speeches from both sets of parents and Pim, Kritthai’s bride.

During the wedding, Kritthai was overcome by emotion.

“Having you by my side gives my life more meaning. And I think your contribution to making our life meaningful is very important.”

His beautiful bride responded poignantly.

“Pim feels very lucky. Kritthai would always ask if she felt unlucky. Pim would always respond that she felt unlucky only because she didn’t know how long she could be with Kritthai. Apart from that, since meeting Kritthai, Pim has always felt lucky to have found her life partner so early. No matter what happens or how it ends, it’s the best luck right now.”

Both parents also spoke about their children’s love journey, reported Sanook.

Pim’s father said…

“Today I am very happy that my daughter has this special event. I wish both of them great happiness.”

Pim’s mother added…

“The day Pim chose to be here, I felt fulfilled in life by seeing my daughter so happy.”

Kritthai’s father said…

“To reach this day, Fight! It proves how much these two love each other. Son, time is the most important thing. It’s not money. It’s the time we get to spend together. And both of you have spent that time together in the best possible way.”

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