Holy heist: Temple’s donation box worth 8,000 baht stolen

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A temple theft at a prominent Ratchaburi chapel bore witness to thieves taking off with a donation box worth 8,000 baht at the revered Black and White Shrine. The temple’s caretaker today, July 2, pleaded for the thefts, which have occurred four times now, to stop.

Photharam Police Radio Centre yesterday was informed of a theft at Wat Phra Si Aray, located in Photharam district, Ratchaburi. Police Major Panruek Sroitongmoon, along with an investigation team and patrol officers, responded promptly to the scene.

The theft occurred near the temple‘s chapel next to the shrine. Investigators found training shoe footprints around the shrine, likely left by the culprit. The stolen donation box, made of steel, measured 50 centimetres in width and 60 centimetres in height.

Further investigation revealed that the steel bars connecting the box to its stand were forcibly broken. The donation box was missing, leading investigators to believe the thief might have either carried it away on a motorbike or extracted the money and discarded the box in a nearby pond.

The caretaker of Wat Phra Si Aray, Thawit Promchat, explained that the donation box at the shrine had been in place for many years and was opened once annually. The most recent opening was in February during the Luang Pu Khan event, with each opening typically yielding over 10,000 baht.

He learned of the temple theft early in the morning when a monk was sweeping leaves around the old chapel and shrine, and discovered the scene. It is estimated that the box contained 7,000 to 8,000 baht, as the shrine frequently attracts visitors seeking blessings and fulfilling vows, reported KhaoSod.

The investigation is ongoing, with investigative teams examining the footprints and other evidence to identify and apprehend the thief. The community hopes that increased awareness and vigilance will prevent further incidents, ensuring that the temple remains a place of peace and worship.

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