Teenager killed in tragic accident on dark Ratchaburi road

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A tragic accident occurred last night, at 8.30pm, on the unlit Pikun Thong – Ban Rai Road in the Mueang district of Ratchaburi. A 17 year old youth on a motorcycle collided with a Mazda sedan, resulting in his immediate death and leaving the car’s occupants seriously injured.

The car was driven by 24 year old Phanuphan, with 23 year old Chalermrat, as a passenger. The incident sparked concern amongst locals over the lack of functioning streetlights on the 2-kilometre stretch of road.

The accident scene was a gruesome sight. A blue Honda Wave motorcycle, registered in Nakhon Pathom, lay wrecked in the middle of the road. Some 50 metres away, the lifeless body of Sittisak, the 17 year old motorcyclist, was found with severe injuries and multiple fractures.

The white Mazda sedan, registered in Ratchaburi, had veered off the road into a grassy verge with the right side considerably damaged, right up to the engine compartment. The front windshield shattered, the roof buckled, and copious amounts of blood were visible inside the vehicle. Both Phanuphan and Chalermrat were injured and were promptly transported to Ratchaburi Hospital for treatment.

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According to initial investigations, Phanuphan and Chalermrat were travelling from downtown Ratchaburi to their home in Ban Rai, Damnoen Saduak. The accident occurred on a particularly dark stretch of the road, devoid of streetlights, leading to a violent collision with Sittisak’s motorcycle.

In-depth questioning of Phanuphan is planned before any legal proceedings start. Meanwhile, Sittisak’s body was sent to the forensic centre at Ratchaburi Hospital before being handed over to his family for religious rites.

Locals revealed the road has been the site of frequent accidents, causing numerous injuries and fatalities in the past. The main issue is the darkness along the 2-kilometre stretch of road, which has two lanes for opposite directions of travel. Although streetlight poles have been installed, they are not operational.

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