Teen shatters taxi window in heated Kathu dispute, pays damages

Photo courtey of Phuket Express

A heated exchange between a youth and a taxi driver in the Kathu district of Phuket on Tuesday night escalated to a point where the taxi’s rear window was shattered. The incident led to the youth being called in by police to pay for the damages but facing no charges.

The altercation took place near the Si Kor Intersection, close to the Caltex petrol station, at approximately 8.20pm on June 18. The taxi driver had to brake suddenly on Soi Bang Thong, causing two teenagers on motorcycles behind to lose control and nearly collide. This near-collision ignited tensions between the parties involved.

As the taxi stopped at a red light at the Si Kor Intersection, one of the teenagers, in a moment of anger, hurled a stone at the taxi’s rear window, breaking it. The taxi driver promptly reported the incident to Kathu Police, and news of the altercation quickly circulated on social media.

Using CCTV footage, officers identified the motorbike’s licence plate and subsequently located the teenagers involved. The youths were called to present themselves at the Kathu Police Station around 4pm on Wednesday, June 19.

Despite some reports suggesting the use of a knife during the incident, police confirmed that no knife was involved. At the police station, the teenagers and the taxi driver reached an agreement. The youths consented to compensate the taxi driver for the damages, reported Phuket News.

In related news, a taxi driver involved in a hit-and-run incident was apprehended after police set up a sting operation with the victim posing as a passenger. After initially denying the allegations, CCTV footage of the incident proved monumental in his conviction.

Police revealed that a taxi had collided with another vehicle and fled the scene in Mueang Thong Thani on Monday, June 17 at around 6.17pm. After examining CCTV footage, police managed to identify and apprehend the driver near the Ministry of Defence offices, opposite the police station in Ban Mai, Pak Kret.

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