Technician faces ethical test over damaged iPhone repair plea

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A dilemma unfolded today when a technician was torn between two conflicting requests regarding a damaged iPhone brought in for repair. A woman, the owner of the shattered screen iPhone, was willing to pay any amount to have the device fixed. Contrarily, her boyfriend secretly handed the technician a note pleading for the phone to remain inoperable, offering money for the inconvenience.

The technician, faced with a moral quandary, took to social media to share the predicament, posting a picture of the damaged phone along with the message from the woman requesting repairs and the boyfriend’s covert plea. This peculiar situation sparked a flurry of comments and suggestions from the online community, reported Sanook.

Opinions poured in as netizens deliberated over the technician’s course of action. Some suggested fixing the device, arguing that the technician could command a higher price for the repair. Others proposed a middle ground, advising the technician to fix the phone but delete its contents, potentially earning money from both parties. Humorous comments also emerged, with one user remarking on the phone’s battered state and questioning the possibility of repair.

A notable comment recommended adhering to professional ethics, suggesting the technician should attempt the repair without bias and leave personal matters to the couple to resolve. This approach would allow the technician to work without guilt, ensuring peace of mind regarding their capabilities.

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