Taxi driver accused of driving off with tourist’s luggage says he was using the restroom

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A taxi driver who was accused of robbing a tourist and leaving him at a petrol station told police that he never left the tourist, saying he was in the restroom the entire time because he needed to poop.

The driver taking two people from the Ubon Ratchathani International Airport to the Khemmarat district had stopped at a petrol station to use the restroom and take a quick break. When the two travellers went out to the convenience store, they didn’t see the driver anywhere. Reports say they waited 10 minutes before calling the police. The tourist’s luggage, passport, tablet and phone were still in the taxi.

The 62 year old taxi driver met with police today, saying he needed to poop and had parked the taxi by the restroom because he wore an artificial leg and didn’t want to walk far. Reports say he spent about 10 minutes on the toilet before taking the taxi back to the same spot where he had dropped the tourists off, but he couldn’t find the passengers.

He didn’t have the contact information for the tourists. Apparently, after waiting, he even drove to the passengers’ destination in the Khemmarat to see if he could find them. The airport’s taxi counter later informed him about the misunderstanding.

Officers from Ubon Ratchathani’s provincial transport office investigated a taxi counter at the airport and cars offering ride-hailing services are not registered according to Thai law. The taxi could be fined.

SOURCE: Thairath

Petch Petpailin

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