Taiwanese employer implicated in death of Thai migrant worker

Photo courtesy of Thai PBS World

A Taiwanese employer finds himself in the hot seat as suspicions swirl around the death of an illegal Thai migrant worker in Yilan County, northeast Taiwan.

The tale begins with the Thai man, initially arriving on a tourist visa, swiftly descending into the murky world of illegal employment in Yilan. As whispers of his disappearance reached his homeland, the Thai consulate in Taiwan sprang into action, setting off a chain of events that would uncover a disturbing truth.

Local authorities, prompted by the concerns of the man’s family, made a grim discovery near a cemetery: the lifeless body of the Thai migrant. What followed was a confrontation with his employer, known only as Lin, who at first feigned ignorance but eventually cracked under pressure.

Lin’s confession revealed a chilling account of neglect and deceit, painting the picture of a man who chose to turn a blind eye to his employee’s plight. Allegations of heavy drinking and illness emerged, culminating in a tragic discovery by the man’s girlfriend, reported Thai PBS World.

But perhaps the most shocking revelation was Lin’s desperate attempt to evade legal repercussions, allegedly orchestrating the disposal of the body with the help of accomplices.

In related news, the Department of Employment (DoE) announced that over 30,000 Thai workers have shown an interest in seeking employment in Israel, despite the recent upheavals in the region. This follows the news that Thailand has been granted a quota of 5,000 positions in Israel’s agricultural sector for the latter half of this year.

In other news, the DoE initiated a programme to deploy Thai workers to South Korea as seasonal farm labour. This scheme is the outcome of a meeting last month between Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, the Labour Minister of Thailand, and his South Korean counterpart, Lee Jung-Sik.

During Pipat’s official visit to South Korea, he met with Kim Dong-yeon, the governor of Gyeonggi province, and many agricultural entrepreneurs seeking labour.

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