Monkey mayhem no more: Urban overpopulation problem swings towards solutions

Photo: KhaoSod

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, in collaboration with the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation, has made significant progress in tackling the issue of monkey overpopulation in urban areas.

The first phase of this initiative involves the construction of a 7,000 square metre enclosure for monkeys in the Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Station, located in Phetchaburi province.

This marks a notable advancement in the Phetchaburi Model project initiated by Dr Yutthaphon Angkinan, former advisor to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Dr Yutthaphon revealed that the project was instigated to manage and maintain the health of the wildlife and resolve the issue of monkeys disturbing the public.

The enclosure, spanning over 7,000 square metres, is a crucial part of the proposed multifaceted solution to the issue. This includes controlling the monkey overpopulation through sterilisation and establishing cages to control and limit the territory of the monkey population.

The project, which debuted in Phetchaburi province, serves as a model for addressing the issue of monkey overpopulation that disrupts the daily lives of people.

Monkey mayhem no more: Urban overpopulation problem swings towards solutions | News by Thaiger
Dr Yutthaphon and his team effectively gathered insights into curbing monkey overpopulation in the area. Photo by KhaoSod.

Dr Yutthaphon expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the project and the continuous efforts made by the National Parks Department and the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation. He stated with confidence that, upon the success of the pilot project, there would be an expansion into other areas, particularly in provinces dealing with similar issues, reported KhaoSod.

Dr Yutthaphon further mentioned that interested provinces can contact the Department of National Parks to express their intent to collaborate on the monkey overpopulation project. He revealed that an MOU between the Department and Lopburi province is in the works.

Dr Yutthaphon believes that the success of this project will allow locals to resume their daily activities and help revive the economy, ultimately bringing happiness to the people.

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